The Importance of Active Listening

Why active listening is essential when dealing with difficult employees.

Active listening is the most important element in the communication process. Many people think it’s the words we speak that will send the intended message. The problem with that thinking is that many of us are not really hearing another person’s thoughts, so we don’t even know what words we will need to use in order to make an impact. While we are busy hearing the words others speak, many of us are simply busy preparing our own for reply. This results in a zero sum game – it’s as though we are cancelling out each other’s words. Not helpful, particularly when there is conflict.

This blog by Mark Goulston, Break Through to “Difficult People” highlights the fact that when you begin your interactions with difficult employees by using active listening, you will gain the information you need to help resolve conflict. Mark also provides some specific techniques that will also be useful when seeking resolution in a difficult situation. I am particularly fond of the last bullet –the power of thank you since that rarely happens in such situations.

This is an excellent article. Enjoy the read – Click here

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