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Manager Tips – 3 Things to Never Do

3 Things you Must Never Do if you want your employees to trust you  

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Top 6 Tips for the Micromanager [Video]

How to become a recovering micromanager Micromanagement creates a sense of distrust… A micromanager will   Chances are the employee will not be feeling very good about this. The short video offers recovering micromanagers 6 tips to battle these tendencies.

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Can Effective Supervision be like a Strong Marriage?

I’ve been coaching a very nice young man, Sam, who is a highly motivated employee in a company that works in the security industry. Sam is one of the company stars. He is well respected by management and his colleagues. Recently, he was promoted to a manager […]

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My Managing Boss – Managing Up

How can I convince my manager  to let me complete my project?   Dear Jeanne, I am working hard on a project that should improve our performance improvement system. My boss gave me permission to tackle this project, but now she doesn’t even seem to want to […]

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Help me, I can’t stop micromanaging!

Ever feel like you can’t stop micromanaging? Yesterday I received this email: Dear Jeanne, I work in a highly technical field. Six months ago I was promoted to supervisor, and I am terrified that my employees will make mistakes. We have strict timelines and accuracy is essential. […]

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Difference between Managers and Micromanagers

Are you an effective leader or an activities director? Dave Crenshaw does an excellent job outlining the different management styles of effective leaders and not so effective supervisors, who he calls ‘activities directors.’ What an excellent way to describe a micromanager – an activity director     […]

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Micromanagement – Top Questions for Supervisors to Consider

What’s the most common complaint you hear from employees, Jeanne?   “Micromanagement! My supervisor micromanages every aspect of my work. I feel like quitting. “     Before I started writing The Supervisor’s Companion, I asked people in various work environments, including restaurant servers, bank tellers, supervisors, […]

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Sam, the supervisor of a team of IT help desk employees, felt his work environment was chaotic and out of his control.

His employees would seek transfers or new jobs at a much greater rate than his peers ....

How can Sam fix this problem?



“Meetings are always late and we don’t accomplish anything" - -

"I hate going to meetings”

Is this a common cry at your company?

+ A well run meeting shows respect for your employees

Some tips to help with this ....



Your employees don’t seem to come to you when they have work issues.

You’ve been trying to help by sending regular reminder emails and checking their work frequently. - Nothing is working!!

What is wrong with your employees?


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