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How can I get my manager to change?

Getting my Manager to Change…   Dear Jeanne, My manager doesn’t listen. She is stubborn and bossy. I never seem to do anything right. I don’t like working with her. How can I get her to change? Janet   …and my response:   Dear Janet, I once […]

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Managing Up – Part II

Actionable Tips to help Supervisors Manage Up   Get to know your manager. How does she work with her employees? What is important to her at work? What are her strengths and challenges as you see them? How does she work best? Who does she work best […]

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What is Managing Up? – Part 1

What is Managing Up?     When a new supervisor complains to me that he is not getting support from his manager, I ask what he thinks is going on. Often the supervisor sees himself as a victim of some strange decision tree. He says he’s waiting […]

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Sam, the supervisor of a team of IT help desk employees, felt his work environment was chaotic and out of his control.

His employees would seek transfers or new jobs at a much greater rate than his peers ....

How can Sam fix this problem?



“Meetings are always late and we don’t accomplish anything" - -

"I hate going to meetings”

Is this a common cry at your company?

+ A well run meeting shows respect for your employees

Some tips to help with this ....



Your employees don’t seem to come to you when they have work issues.

You’ve been trying to help by sending regular reminder emails and checking their work frequently. - Nothing is working!!

What is wrong with your employees?


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